How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Android Devices

In this post, we have managed to share a tip on How to Change Wallpaper Automatically in Android. Here are steps that permit to setup programmed changing backdrops on your Android gadget. Backdrops are an incredible method to convey what needs be. For the most part, clients either stay with a static picture or run with a live backdrop. In any case, there is another choice, you can set up your gadget to turn between an arrangement of backdrops, for example, you see on Windows. The backdrops of your Android gadget could be anything from your own photos to family pictures, picturesque scenes, your pet pictures, a few statements and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Whatever it may be, the point at which you change the backdrop frequently, it makes your experience much more advantageous.

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Rather than making do with only one backdrop, you should experiment with a heap of backdrop alternatives that could set your state of mind right each day. In any case, if changing backdrops every day is disturbing you, at that point, you require not to stress any longer. There are different creative techniques to change Android backdrop naturally on your gadget. There are numerous applications on the Google Play Store through which you can empower naturally pivoting backdrops. Ideal ahead, we have recorded the best choices for having consequently changing backdrops on your gadget.

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How to Change Wallpaper Automatically on Android Phones

Check out the following applications that will allow you to change your wallpapers on Android phones automatically.

Wallpaper Changer

wallpaper changer

An application that offers different choices with regards to changing your backdrop is Wallpaper Changer which is outstanding amongst other backdrop application on Google Play Store. It’s an application with a straightforward yet pleasant structure. When you dispatch the application you have three tabs to look over: Change, Album, and Settings.

Wallpapers (App by Google)

Google Wallpapers

The best alternative for Wallpaper Changer. Wallpapers app provides high-quality photos with various categories for free. You can choose your favorite category and can set as Home screen wallpaper or Lock screen wallpaper or for both. Apart from all, this app provides a great feature to change the wallpaper on a daily basis.


Another application which is extremely mainstream on Play Store likewise brings an extraordinary method for changing through various backdrops on your Android gadget is through the IFTTT “If This Then That” or, in other words, incredible application to hand-off on. It associates applications and administrations utilizing triggers that prompt activities — and one of the upheld activities are exchanging the foundation on an associated Android gadget.

ifttt auto change android wallpaper

Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft Launcher application on Android offers various customization alternatives to set a backdrop on your telephone’s home screen. You can set a backdrop that will stay each day. You can pivot an accumulation of photographs, and it even incorporates an alternative to utilize those staggering pictures highlighted in Bing’s landing page each day.

microsoft launcher

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