Composer detected issues in your platform

Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 7.3.0”

Composer is the package manager for the powerful server-side language PHP. Composer helps to manage all PHP packages in a project with ease.

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PHP is a popular web language for backend API’s and is widely used by popular apps like WordPress, Magento, Shopify etc. PHP is very powerful with its structure and is easy to learn for beginners. There are many frameworks powered by PHP such as Laravel, Symphony, Liquid, Twig templates. Current stable PHP release in Version 8.0 (July 2021).

There may occur different errors when working on a project as a team. It is because each system is configured differently and we may get stuck in the error for many hours. Here I’m going to share a fix for the error Composer detected issues in your platform and hope it helps someone.

Fix for Composer detected issues in your platform

This error causing because your system configuration so, you need to edit the composer.json file and add the platform-check: false command mentioned below.

Add a line in composer.json

	"require" : {
		"facebook/graph-sdk": "^5.0", 
		"guzzlehttp/guzzle" : "~6.0", 
		"sendgrid/sendgrid": "~5.5",
		"nesbot/carbon": "^2.46"
	"config": {
    	    	"platform-check": false

Execute composer update

Now, your composer will update your files according to your configuration and the issue may now be resolved.

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