download lg up tool or flashtool

Download LG UP Tool and Flash KDZ Firmware Files

If you own an Android smartphone, you must be aware of a few things like performing a factory reset, the key combinations to reboot your phone into the bootloader mode (Samsung devices call it as download mode) and recovery modes, and installing the stock firmware on your device. While the stock firmware can be installed on many Android devices using ADB and fastboot commands, you must use firmware flashing tools like Odin (for Samsung), Xperia Flashtool (for Sony) and LG Flash UP (for LG) on some OEM-branded devices.

If you are an LG fan or using an LG phone or tablet, you can use the LG UP Tool to install the official firmware with KDZ extension to restore your device to stock. In case you’ve been experiencing some serious software issue on your LG phone, or you just want to downgrade or upgrade device firmware, the LG Flash Tool is a must-have utility.

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Below, we have provided the direct download links for all available versions of the LG UP Tool for you. We have collected different versions of the flash tool from different sources. You will be able to download LG UP Tool using direct links below and the instruction to flash LG Firmware to phones.

Download LG UP Tool (recommended)

LG Flashtool (old tool not recommended)

NB: The patched version of the Flashtool is created by ieatacid from XDA forums to work for users without glitches. We recommend downloading the patched version as the things will move smoothly.

How to use LG UP Tool


Flashing Guide

  •  First of All, Install the DLL file, then install LGUP Software on your Computer.
  •  Run LGUP tool on your Computer.
  •  Connect your LG X Venture Device to your PC/Computer.
  •  LG X Venture (LGM710DS) will be listed on the screen of LGUP tool.
  •  Now Hit on the Upgrade option in LGUP and select the file’s path. Locate the KDZ file (M710ds10c_00_OPEN_CIS_DS_OP_0818.kdz) & select it.
  •  Click Start button and the installation process will be started.
  •  Once the flashing process is completed, your device will restart.
  •  Unplug your phone, Done!!!
  •  You have successfully Installed the Official Firmware on your LG Phone.

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