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Download SRS Root v5.8 (One Click Rooting Tool)

Download SRS Root v5.8: SRSRoot tool is a simple tool for rooting your Android phone or Tablets in just one click. Many of us like to gain root privileges in our devices, but sometimes it is harder to gain root privileges because of high encryption used in newer Android phones. Magisk and Super Su are the popular methods used to root Android Phones, but they are a bit complicated. In this post, we are sharing a tool for One Click Root access. Download SRSRoot from below, install it in your Windows computer and root your Android smartphone or tablet easily.

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SRSRoot is one of the best one-click rooting tool available for Windows computers. It comes with multiple exploits that will let you root your Android device. Here we have provided the latest version of SRSRoot.

SRS Root Features

  1. Best One-Click Rooting Tool: SRSRoot is the best one-click rooting tool available in the market. Unlike other tools, SRSRoot comes with multiple exploits that will help in rooting any Android device.
  2. SmartRoot: This rooting tool comes with a special feature called “SmartRoot” that helps in determining the best method to root your device. With the help of this advanced feature, you can easily root your smartphone or tablet.
  3. ADB Toolbox: The tool comes with “ADB Toolbox” and using it you can “Reset User Lock”, “Reset Gesture Lock”, “Reset Gmail”, “Wipe All Data” and do a lot more things.
  4. Easy Unroot: The SRSRoot offers an easy way to unroot your rooted Android device. Just click on the “Unroot” button in the device and your device will be unrooted.

Download SRS Root


  • [*] You can root any Android device i.e., smartphones or tablets that are using any version of Android operating system.
  • [*] There are alternative tools like iRoot, Kingo Root or Root Genius.

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