How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

This guide points of interest how users can get to download mode on Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). Incorporated with every Galaxy devices, the download mode or likewise referred to as Odin mode is something very helpful. It was at first made to fill in as indirect access for Samsung users to change the stock firmware. Luckily, with the right advances, any user would now be able to get to it and after that use it to either streak official firmware records or even custom ROMs. As it is a maintenance mode which requires a specific level of know-how, it is kept avoided typical utilization. Henceforth, to get to it, there is an extraordinary system which should be actualized. Read ahead to discover correct advances that work for getting to Odin/download mode on Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018).

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Hardly any critical things to note are, the download mode is worked in from stock so you needn’t bother with any kind of installation, simply the correct strategy to get to it. Further, to make appropriate utilization of download mode, you need Odin installed on your PC as it will then enable you to flash firmware and different records, for example, custom recuperations. Keep on discovering every one of the means definite for entering Galaxy A7 (2018) download mode.


What is Download Mode or Odin Mode

Samsung phones get the most noteworthy measure of custom mod bundles as it is simple for any user to use Odin on their PC alongside their freshest Samsung Galaxy phone – here, the Galaxy A7 (2018).

Odin is an official tool at Samsung that enables them to streak different firmware and records on to the Samsung phones and tablets. There are numerous arrivals of Odin accessible on the web, and you can download them all here. After the phone is associated with your PC in Download Mode, Odin will recognize the device and if the association is fruitful, it will set up a correspondence port between the telephone and the PC. That will enable you to streak diverse bundles on the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018).

You can use Odin either to upgrade or downgrade your Galaxy A7 (2018) from a specific Android version or build number. This is useful when your phone faces slowdowns, boot loops or crashes.

You can’t lose your device warranty if you just access the Download Mode in your phone. However, if you flash custom ROM’s or try to Root your device which Samsung officially allowed, your warranty will be void. All outside files are generally those which are created by third-party developers and are not signed by Samsung.

How to Enter Galaxy A7 (2018) Download Mode

Here we are providing step-by-step instruction on How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). If you are trying this for the first time, follow below steps carefully.

Step 1 – First, Turn OFF your Galaxy A7 (2018).

Step 2 – Now press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby buttons together on your phone.

Step 3 – Next, plug in the default USB type C cable to a computer and the other end to the phone. As soon as you will connect, your phone will power on.

download mode warning samsung

Step 4 – After the initial boot (samsung logo and name) you will see a screen with a warning sign as shown below. Go ahead by pressing the Volume Up button

download mode samsung phones

Step 5 – Now you will be flashed with a screen similar in the image below. This is the Download Mode also called as Odin Mode for flashing firmware file using Odin.

Hurray, Your phone now enters Download Mode. If you want to get out of it, simply press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons for a few seconds (around 7 sec.) and your phone will reboot normally.

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