How to Make a Full Backup of Your Android phone

Looking to buy a new phone? or want to reset your phone to its original state? both the things are very risky and time-consuming when we consider our important data as the first priority, isn’t it?. Fortunately, there is an app called CM Backup who does all this headache task’s and helps us to save time by making a Full Backup of your phone. It is recommended to take at least a local backup of your important data to your phone so that you can be sure that all your files are protected. In this post, I will share the best possible way to Full Backup your Android phone without losing a single file.

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Make a Full Backup of Your Android phone

Here we go, but before making Full Backup of your device that one advice for you. Do check all your important files stored in your phone’s internal memory includes songs, videos or anything you kept in new folders.

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Step 1: Copy your internal storage fully to your PC/ Laptop.

This method can be the most common and old fashioned one. Even that, it still deserves a mention.

  1. First, connect your Android device with your computer via a USB cable.
  2. Second, you can see your phone’s name in My Computer. Open it to access all of your files.
  3. Then, pressing Ctrl + A should select all files then,
  4. Simply copy the files and transfer them onto your computer local file folder.
  5. After the copying is done, you can unplug your phone.

NB : This method need your manual update.

Step 2: Install & Backup using CM Backup

By the way, i recommend CM backup only, because it never hurt me in any way, further it’s developed by the popular Cheetah Mobile team. Apart from all of these they are offering 5 GB free storage space for our files. That’s sound nice naa.

Steps for backup using CM backup

If you are a Pro Android user you not at all need this one However, if you still need help with it you can view it by opening the toggle below.

Click here if you need help using CM backup

Now open the CM backup app please…

They will welcome you with a login/ sign up screen..

Choose login with Google. (the one i used) you can register your own account or try login with your preferred one.

Now you will get below screen or similar to this screen (according to your android version)

backup your phone using cm backup

By default Contacts & SMS will be selected for backup

You can add more options by tapping the Add button see the image below.

backup android phone

After the selection of options you need to backup

Tap on Confirm

Now you will be back to the home screen and you can see the options you selected is highlighted with green color while others is blue.

Now you are ready to go. Tap on Backup and the CM app will start backing up all your settings into their cloud server. see below image for example

cm backup

Please wait while they finish up the backup process

Atlast you will be greeted with following screen showing ‘backup done

full backup android phone

And. You are done 🙂

Restoring Files from CM Backup

Restoring files using CM backup is as easy as back up. To restore files you have to select the Cloud icon on the top right of the App

backup android phone

Now you have access to all the files you backed up in the previous steps. Now select files you want to backup and tap on Restore button at the bottom.

full backup of android

Now you should have successfully restored all your phone’s settings. Hope this guide helped you

Remember that you can only back up your contacts, SMS, call logs & calendar details with CM backup. If you want a complete backup of your phone you should complete the whole steps mentioned here. If you are ready continue to Step 3.

Step 3: Backup Whatsapp chats or any other

Some of us may forget these step and usually ends up losing all our chats or media that received recently, to overcome this i recommend you to backup your messages in Whatsapp, Hike, Telegram or any other app you use for communication.

To backup messages in Whatsapp :-

Go to -> Settings -> Chats -> and you can see ‘Chat Backup’

Then tap on green ‘Back Up‘ button you see there, wait until it finishes.

Step 4: App Backup (optional)

Though back up and restoring apps can save some bandwidth i won’t recommend it at all. I have my own reason’s for that.

  1. Security issue (i believe installing apps outside playstore as unsafe )
  2. May be outdated
  3. I recommend a fresh install of everything except settings

But, it’s up to you only, the decision is yours. If you don’t want to waste your time and bandwidth backup and restore apps with below step:-

How to Backup and Restore Apps

Most android phone users might have ES File Explorer installed on their phone. If not, please install ES file explorer in order to back up your Android apps. Plus ES file manager is the most popular and widely used app to manage the files and folder’s in Android phones.

backup your android phone

Open ES File Explorer & Manager, and you will be treated with the welcome screen below.

Now select ‘APP‘ option to backup your apps (see the image below)

Backup Android

Now you can see a list of apps installed on your phone. Now tap & press on any app until you see more options on the screen. Then, tap on ‘Select All‘ option to select all apps or select the apps according to your needs.

safely backup android

Now, select ‘Backup‘ option that appear in the bottom of the screen and backup operation will starts now.

backup apps in android

Wait, while the system finishes backup process and you will see successful message.

You are backed up APK files will be stored in the internal memory by default. You can see an ES logo on a folder named ‘backups‘.

backup apps

Now you have completed your app backup process and later you can install all apps individually using APK files you just saved.

NB: To install APK files outside the play store you have to check ‘Unknown Sources‘ from settings. Click here to know how to enable unknown sources in Android.

Step 5: Sync with Google

Last but not least syncing data with Google is also a good habit. Google will sync your App data, chrome bookmarks, contacts, drive, Gmail, keep etc. They are intelligent enough and they know each and every data that one need and not need. You may think why I placed this one at fifth. Because I tried this sync every time I reset my phone but unfortunately, each time I miss some new contacts I saved in my Gmail account.

Anyways thanks a lot for reading this post and I’m sure by following this guide you’ll able to make a secure Full Backup of your Android device and restore in gently. I don’t know how much is correct with me and I always looking for suggestions or comments from you. Also please share if you have any other best way to create a Full Backup of our Android phone.

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