How to Block Incoming Calls on iPhone

Are you getting annoyed by any caller, or not wanted to be disturbed by anyone while playing your favorite game or watching videos. Blocking incoming calls is a better option here. Learn how to block incoming calls on the iPhone.

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Phones are used for communication purposes certainly, However, the advent of technology turned the smartphones to a big entertainment system. Mobile phones are now a portable entertainment system for Music, Videos and Games.

In this article, we are going to show you How to Block Incoming Calls on iPhone. If you are not interested in talking while playing Game or Watching Videos or Listening Music you block incoming calls temporarily.

How to Block Incoming Calls on iPhone

We are showing 3 types of blocking calls on the iPhone you can use your preferred method of blocking. Learn How to Block Incoming Calls on iPhone.

Method 1: Block Individual Calls on iPhone

You can block individual contacts from calling or sending you messages on the iPhone. To block contacts from calling on your iPhone, do these:

First, go to your iPhone’s Settings menu.

iphone settings

2. From Settings, scroll down to the Phone Settings and tap on its icon.

iphone settings home

3. From the Phone Settings, tap on Call Blocking & Identification.

iphone call blocking

4. Then, tap on the Block Contact option.

iphone block contact

5. Your phone displays your contact list. Tap on the name of the contact you want to block.

iphone call block user

6. You just learned how to block a contact on your iPhone.

iphone call block

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Method 2: Block Spam Calls on iPhone

You can block spam callers on your iPhone by downloading your preferred app from the App store. However, in iOS 13 update let you block spam or unidentified callers without using third-party apps. You can find the feature by going to Settings —> Phone and scrolling down to “call silencing and blocked contacts.”

block spam callers in iphone

When you enable this setting, calls from “unknown” numbers will automatically be sent to the phone’s voicemail, so you won’t have to get disturbed from telemarketers, robocalls and other annoyances.

According to apple, the feature uses Siri Intelligence to detect numbers in your messages or Mail app, not just your contacts saved on your phone. That way most likely you never miss a call from someone you previously communicated with.

Please keep in mind that this new setting from Apple will give you a relief from fraudsters but, is not a totally foolproof solution. Also, there’ll be a possibility you could miss a call you weren’t intending to block if you do enable this setting. So if you are expecting a call that much important, you may better turn off the option just in case.

Method 3: Block All Incoming Calls on iPhone

The previous two methods block contacts you have on your phone. That means your targeted contacts cannot call and send message to you. They are restricted from calling and sending messages to your phone. So if you just want no one to disturb you while playing a game or watching your favorite movie on your phone then, you can enable Do Not Disturb mode. Do Not Disturb mode automatically silences Calls and Messages that coming to your phone. Also, you can schedule a specific time for Do Not Disturb. If you want to turn on Do Not Disturb option do these:

First, open your iPhone’s Settings app.

iphone settings

Then, locate the Do Not Disturb option in Settings.

do not disturb iphone

Tap on the toggle switch for Do Not Disturb.

do not disturb mode

A green toggle switch means that the feature is turned ON. You have just enabled Do Not Disturb Mode on your iPhone.

Please note that unlike blocking contacts on your phone Do Not Disturb mode only mute notification for calls and messages, you can still receive calls and messages and only the notification will be muted. Also, you can allow calls and messages from specific people while DND mode turned on.

You just understood that way to block incoming calls on your iPhone, if you have questions about anything mentioned in this article let me know via comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends for whom you think might be helpful.

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