How to create a professional email signature in Gmail

Today Email signatures act as the new identity on the internet. It seems like such a small thing, but email signatures help to treat you as a professional and tells them what the really need to know. If you google you could see many free and paid email signature generators. If you are willing to pay you can purchase customised email signature’s from these websites.

But, before that, if you want to end up with a decent signature, let me show you how to quickly and easily create a nice looking signature in Gmail. FOR FREE.

1. Open up a new Google Document and add a table

Open new google document

Click on Table > Insert Table and add a 2×1 table.

email signature using tables

You’ll end up with a table that looks like this. This is where we’ll build our new email signature.

2. Add your email signature content inside the table

Always remember to keep your email signature simple as much as you can. I put my photo, company name, email (optional), website link and my designation. You might include a phone number if you want people to contact you that way.

Note: Recommended mage size is 100px height and width.

3. Edit the table properties and remove the border

Right-click anywhere inside the table and select Table Properties. Change the Table Border to 0 points.

Align your content to top/middle/bottom using Cell vertical alignment (Optional)

I want my content to be in the center so i set the cell position to the middle. You can also adjust it if you want your content on top, middle or bottom.

Now remove the table border

Once again open table properties and change the border size to 0 pt.

email signature

This is what my signature looks like now. Pretty good! You can stop here if you want.

You could also try rounded image

Here is the final build of my rounded image version

email signature

4. Add a border to the top of your table

Select the whole table by clicking in one cell and dragging across to the other cell. You should see the content of both cells highlighted. Then, click the little arrow in the upper right corner and select the option for a top border.

email signature using tables

Remember: we cleared the weight in our Table Properties earlier to remove the whole table border, so now we need to reset the weight for this top border.

If you want, you can also change the color or style of the border. I use a weight of 1 point and I leave it black.

email signature border

5. Copy your signature and paste it into Gmail

Now our signature looks pretty good, we’re going to copy our signature from our Google Doc and paste it into Gmail. This is because the Gmail signature editor doesn’t allow us to create tables or do any formatting, but it will allow when pasted from Google Doc.

Copy your email signature, remember while copying make sure there are no whitespaces other than your signature area.

In Gmail, click on the gear/cog icon, select Settings, navigate to the General tab, and then find the Signature section near the bottom. Click and paste your new signature right in.

email signature

Find the Signature section then click on create new button

email signature

Paste the copied signature in the textbox

Waawww..!! pretty good right ?..

Now adjust signature defaults option to start showing your email signature

email signature in gmail

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

6. Test it out!

Now try send yourself an email and check it on your desktop/laptop computer AND smartphone. HTML tables are not ideal for mobile devices. However, we can adjust its size and make fit to the screen.

Here’s my signature on both my computer/laptop and my 5.5″ mobile device.

Desktop Email Signature
Mail Signature on Mobile

7. Download Work File

If you are lazy enough like me 🙂 to create this tables and all stuffs, download my final build of my work file from below link and then upload it to the Google Docs.

  1. Open Google Docs
  2. File > Open
  3. Choose Upload
  4. Upload the (.odt) extension file you download.

Note: Image should be utmost 100px height and width.

Download my email signature

Make sure to make it as small as you can as it is important for the mobile version.

Now you have just created an awesome email signature without buying any templates or isong any email generators. This might work on other popular email platforms too. I use gmail for all my services, if anyone try this with any other email services let me know via comments.

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