How to open WebP image files in Photoshop

In this post, we have managed to share a guide on Opening and Saving webP images file in Photoshop. What is webP images and how it helps users for web surfing? Some of you may have heard about webP images and their advantages. For those who have no idea about webP images, it is a new image format by Internet Giant Google for lossy and lossless image compressions. It is basically aimed at replacing JPEG, PNG and GIF formats on the web. WebP formats critically acclaimed due to its reduced file size compared with the other formats, while maintaining similar or better picture quality.

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Although webP grew steadily in the past years we cannot use it for wide stream uses worldwide. According to, webP has around 80.53% support globally when i wrote this article. While many image viewers, editors and converters offer great support for webP formats, Photoshop is yet to support it natively. In this guide, we will discuss how to open and save webP images files in Photoshop.


How to install and use WebP image plugin for Photoshop

WebP file format plug-in for Photoshop

Current plug-in version: WebPShop 0.2.1

Download the Plugin

Download version 0.2.1: Download WebPShop or get from Github

WebPShop is a Photoshop module for opening and saving WebP images, including animations.

In order to select the correct version of the plugin for your system find out what version of Photoshop you are using 32bit or 64bit. You can find the version by simply opening photoshop and then going to Help > About Photoshop in the upper menu bar.

Now download the file from below and extract it to your PC.

Copy the plugin file named WebPShop.8bi located in the folder bin\WebPShop_0_2_1_Win_x64

Paste it to the Photoshop Plugins folder on your PC. Make sure Photoshop is closed before you copy the plugin file.

Usually “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019\Plug-ins” or “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019\Required\Plug-Ins\File Formats

Once you copied the plugin file to the folder, you can check whether your photoshop is successfully identified the plugin if you go to “Help > About Plug-In”, you will see the plugin listed there.

open webp images using photoshop

Or open Photoshop and hit “File > Open” and you can find webP listed in the available formats dropdown (see image below)

webp image in photoshop

You can also save images in webP formats using Photoshop using “Save As…option” (Ctrl+Shift+S on Windows) with lossless or lossy quality.

The WebPShop plugin will show you a slider for choosing your desired quality for your webP image one for lossless and one for lossy. Choose lossy if you want higher compression rate with medium quality, or lossless if you want the best quality which will lower compression rate. You can also view a sample of an image by checking the preview box.

open and save webp images in photoshop

So this is the guide for saving webP images using Adobe Photoshop. If you have any queries to clear left comments below and I will be briefer. Please like our facebook or twitter pages for more similar or future updates.

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