phpmyadmin not found error

How to solve the phpmyadmin not found issue after install apache?

The addition of phpMyAdmin for database management is a common and helpful choice. If you’re encountering a “not found” error when trying to access phpMyAdmin, there are a few potential reasons for this issue. Firstly, ensure that the phpMyAdmin package was installed correctly and that the Apache web server is running. Additionally, check the Apache configuration to confirm that the phpMyAdmin alias is correctly set up. You may need to adjust the Apache virtual host configuration or check for any permission issues that might be preventing access to the phpMyAdmin interface. Troubleshooting these areas should help you resolve the “not found” error and access phpMyAdmin successfully.

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Recently I have installed PHP, Apache, and MySQL in my Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.3 LTS to use it as a LAMP server. After the LAMP server setup, i installed phpMyAdmin to manage my databases but when i try to access it after successful installation of phpMyAdmin it returns a not found error.

it says “Not Found“.

phpmyadmin not found

Steps to reproduce

solution 1

Create a link in /var/www like this:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /var/www/

Note: since Ubuntu 14.04 you may want to use /var/www/html/ instead of /var/www/

solution 2

If that’s not working for you, you need to include PHPMyAdmin inside the Apache configuration.

Open apache.conf Use your favorite editor, mine is vim 🙂

sudo vim /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Then add the following line:

Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf


The issue is that phpMyAdmin doesn’t know the path to communicate with the Apache server once you finish the above steps, a path variable will be added to phpMyAdmin and it will start working with the link.

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