How To Install Same App Two Times On Android

How To Install Same App Two Times On Android

How To Install Same App Two Times On Android phone? Nowadays we all see that our friends are using two WhatsApp, or facebook or any other apps in their phones. Off course we also tried to install one app two times on Android? How they did it? Well, I am sharing two methods in the first method is using two accounts and in the second one, you can create a Clone App of your desired application. You don’t need to root your Android phone for using this guide. So don’t worry about breaking up your phone by rooting.

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Installing the same app multiple times. Many Android users want to run one app two times on their Android phone like Run two WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. accounts on the same Android device.

How To Install Same App Two Times On Android?

If you are still facing problems to Install Same App Two Times On Android and you are looking for the best way for it. Then don’t worry, have managed to share full steps with screenshots in the below section. I’m sure it is the simplest trick ever for this. And one of the best factors of this method is that it doesn’t need root permissions so you don’t have to worry about bricking of device.

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Requirements to Install Same App Two Times On Android?

Please check for the following requirements before proceeding

  • Parallel Space App (Download Link in Steps below or get it from Play Store)
  • Non Rooted Android (Also Works In Rooted)
  • More or Enough Free Storage Space
  • Android 4.0 Or Higher Version (App Will Not Work In Devices Having Lower Than Android 4.0 Versions)

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How To Run Multiple Instances Of Same App On Android

So let’s proceed, here is the full step by step guide to install and use the same app twice on your Android device. First, you have to look at requirements for this method which are given above.

Method 1 : Using Parallel Space App

1) First of all, you have to download a simple app called Parallel Space on your Android phone. Here is the download link for this app:

Download Parallel Space

2) You will be redirected to Play store from the above-given link, so click on the Install button and download it on your device.

3) Open the app after installation on your device.

4) After opening, you will see a similar screen below. Click on start button to start installing One App Two Times on Android.


Now, it will show you some apps which are already installed on your phone. (Screenshot given below)


5) Now, you have to select the app(s) which you want to install two times on your mobile. So click on the app, it will start creating Clone of that app.

Once you click on the app, it will ask for Permissions Hit Accept for any all permissions asked by the Parallel Space App in order to start installing One App Two Times on Android.


6) If your device is 64bit supported then, your device may also run 64bit apps see the below-attached screen. So tap on INSTALL to make Parallel Space 64bit support. (See the below screen)


Within a few seconds, it will complete adding and a clone of that app will successfully be created in Parallel space with new data. Tap to Open

7) It will launch the same app with new data on your screen and it will run like it’s a new app which was not installed ever before on your phone. (I added Whatsapp in Parallel Space as screenshot given below)

Installing One App Two Times on Android

Make a new account in this app and access one app twice on your device. It means your original app is still running with the old account and the second app will run in Parallel space app with another account.

Method 2 : Using App Cloner by Cloning Apps

In the above method, you can install the same app two times but in this one, we are going clone apps which will work the same as the original app of your desired application. Follow the steps given below to make clone apps using App Cloner app.

1) First of all, download App Cloner app in your phone from play store.

App Cloner Home

2) Install and Open the app and in your device, it will show you list of all installed app in your mobile.

App Cloner App Selection

3) Select the app which you want to clone / duplicate. (For ex. I have selected Jabong)

4) Tap on Tick icon with Blue Background to clone your App (my selected app is jabong). Then a popup warning will appear and click on OK (see the screen below)

App Cloner for Android
App Cloner for Android

5) Now, It will ask how many clone you wants to create and you can also change color of the clone app to distinguish original and clone app.

App Cloner for Android Cloning App

6) It will start Cloning your selected app. (Approximately take 1-2 minutes)

7) Now, it will ask to Install that cloned app. Click and Install it same like normal apps.

App Cloner for Android

As usual, a system warning will appear when we try to install apps outside playstore

App Cloner for Android Warning
App Cloner for Android Unknown Source
App Cloner for Android Installation

8) Tap on Settings and turn on Allow from this source option

App Cloner App Cloned

9) Howdy! You have successfully cloned your app. Now you can run two accounts of that application One in original and Second in Clone app. Enjoy!

App Cloner Cloned App Section

10) You can see your Cloned Apps in the Cloned Apps section of the App Cloner App (See below screen)

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That’s it. This is How to Install Same App Two Times on an Android Device. You can use Dual Whatsapp, Dual Facebook, Dual Instagram, and all other apps on the same Android phone by following this trick.

So this is the guide for Installing Same App Two Times On Android. If you have any queries to clear left comments below and I will be briefer. Please like our facebook or twitter pages for more similar or future updates.

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