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How to solve the Blank page issue when trying to download LG ROM’s

In this article we sharing a solution for LG ROM blank page that appear while downloading LG ROM’s from LG official servers. Have you ever faced blank page issue when tried to download LG stock firmware’s from any websites? Then, I’m sure this post is gonna surprise you with this magic. Why I’m writing this article because last day when i tried to download stock ROM from one of the sites named mylgphones_com and i got figured out that all links were broken or returned to an XML page with no download at all. So for all strugglers who tried to download ROM directly from LG servers, here is the trick that i found.

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download LG ROM's

How to download LG ROM directly from LG servers

If you get into the blank page issue while download ROM from any website no worries, just copy the whole page link from the browser address bar  and it into notepad or any other text editor.

It will look similar to the below link

we should edit the outdated link

Now in your notepad paste the outdated link and replace 
with this 

For example, you should go from


Finally, just paste the new link to the browser and hit enter to start the download.

I think this trick should work with all other lg firmware providers.

Method 2 : Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

If the web browser failed in downloading the ROM using new updated link, i suggest you to use XDM download manager to download the ROM. Download XDM manager from below then install and Run the application. Use the Plus icon to add url and start download.

Download : XDM Manager

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