Puttygen PPK Key Not Working With Filezilla

Putty is a popular tool to communicate with servers for Windows OS. We can run server commands using putty from our PC running Windows OS. We have to enter website credentials and putty will open a command interface which we used to run our commands.

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If you are a Cloud Hosting user you have to SSH to your server in order to run commands. The SSH connection is more secure than the native password setup. So we have to create an SSH private key to securely connect to our server via PC. For this purpose, we use PuttyGen to generate public and private keys.

Puttygen is a Putty extension for generating keys for using our PC. We can save the key file as either public or private key file. Earlier, We used the native way of puttygen to create keys but recently some updates for FileZilla is not working in the default way.

How to use puttygen key with Filezilla

Recently when i try to use the key with Filezilla which was generated with puttygen, the key is not working as it should be.

After you generated the key instead of the Save private key select Conversions > Export OpenSSH key and save.

Now open FileZilla

Upon selection, FileZilla will prompt about the key file support and select YES.

Now save it on your desired path and your OpenSSH key file will now be get converted to the FileZilla’s PPK key file.

Now you will be able to add the generated key file.

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