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How to root OnePlus 6 [GUIDE]

Root OnePlus 6: Rooting the OnePlus 6 is a fairly easy process – we’ll be using ADB to unlock the bootloader, and then flashing TWRP for recovery, and Magisk for root. Follow the guide closely, and you won’t have any problems. The OnePlus 6 is the latest flagship device from OnePlus, released just this month of May. It sports a 6.28” screen at 1080×2280 resolution, the Snapdragon 845 with Adreno 630 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 128GB/256GB internal storage versions, and a 16MP primary camera.

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On the OnePlus 6, it is far easier to unlock the bootloader as compared to some of the other Android OEMs. If you’ve got your hands on the latest flagship killer of 2018 and want to push the phenomenal hardware of the OnePlus 6 to the absolute limits, here’s how you can not only install a custom recovery on your device but root it as well.


Warranty may be void of your Galaxy S9 (or S9 Plus) if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.


  1. Install ADB and Fastboot driver.
  2. Enable Developer options, USB debugging and OEM Unlock.

Enable Developer Options:

Go to your device Settings.

Select “About phone” » tap seven times on “Build number”.
This will enable Developer options under Settings.
Go back to Settings » scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see Developer options menu.

Enable OEM Unlock:

Open “Developer options” menu » find OEM Unlock toggle and enable it.

Enable USB Debugging:

Open “Developer options” » scroll down a bit and you’ll see Debugging menu, enable “USB Debugging” option from there.

That’s all. Hope the guide above helps you.

  1. Unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus 6.
  2. Make sure your OnePlus 6 is updated to OxygenOS v5.1.5 software update.

Once you have unlocked the bootloader, check out the root guide below.

Method 1: Using Magisk

  1. Download the patched_boot image file for OnePlus 6 OxygenOS 5.1.5 from here.
  2. Connect your OnePlus 6 to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Open a command window or PowerShell window in the folder where you have the magisk IMG file for your device.
  4. In the CMD/PowerShell window, run the following command to reboot into fast boot / bootloader mode:
    adb reboot bootloader
  5. Once your device screen appears to be in Bootloader mode, run the command below to boot the device using patched_boot image file. 
    fastboot boot patched_boot_magisk1642.img

    The device will reboot to Android OS now.

  6. Download the Magisk manager app APK file on your OnePlus 6 now from here.
  7. Install the Magisk Manager app using its APK file. here’s how to install an app using an APK file.
  8. Open the Magisk Manager app, and go to Settings > Update channel > Beta.
  9. Hit back button to reach the home screen of the Magisk app. Now make sure that ‘Preserve force encryption‘ and ‘Preserve AVB 2.0/dm-verity‘ checkboxes are selected.
    Magisk Manager Preserve force encryption
  10. Now, tap Install, and then on Direct Install (Recommended).
  11. Let the app do its working. Wait on until the boot.img image file is patched. Once it does, the file will be installed.
  12. Restart the device when you are asked for that.

Hurray !

Method 2: Using TWRP, and then Magisk/SuperSU

How to install TWRP recovery and then root your OnePlus 6

  1. Make sure that you’ve unlocked the bootloader for the OnePlus 6 before proceeding.
  2. Download required files:
    1. TWRP boot img file
    2. TWRP installer zip file
  3. Transfer the TWRP installer zip file to your OnePlus 6.
  4. Make sure you have installed ADB and Fastboot driver, and have enabled USB Debugging, as explained in the bootloader unlock post above (step 1).
  5. Open the folder where you saved OnePlus 6 TWRP boot .img file in Step 2 above.
  6. Now open a command window inside that folder. To do that, “Shift + Right click” on any empty white space inside the folder and then select “Open command window here” from the context menu. A command window will open, and its locations et to the folder where you have the TWRP boot image file.
  7. Connect your OnePlus 6 to the PC. And type the following into the command window we opened in Step 5 above to boot your device into bootloader/fastboot mode:
    adb reboot bootloader

    If you get a permission dialogue on your OnePlus 6 to “Allow USB debugging”, tap OK.

  8. Rename the TWRP boot image file from twrp-noverity-3.2.1-oneplus6-h2os-180513-1.img to twrp-boot-noverity.img on PC.
  9. Reboot into TWRP recovery using the command below:
    fastboot boot twrp-boot-noverity.img
  10. You will see TWRP recovery now. When asked, do not allow for system modification (do not swipe, thus).
  11. [Important!] Change the partition slot now. Tap on Reboot, then on change slot. (Change the slot form A to B, or B to A, as applicable to your device.)
  12. Tap on Install and then select the TWRP installer zip file that you transferred to your device in Step 3 above. (File: The TWRP recovery will be installed permanently now.
    → Let’s see how to root the device now. Do not reboot the device to Android OS, BTW.
  13. Download the Magisk file to gain root access on your OnePlus 6. (Alternatively, you can use the SuperSU file and follow the steps below written for Magisk for SuperSU, no problem.)
  14. Connect the device to PC using the USB cable. And then transfer the Magisk file to your device.
  15. In TWRP, tap on Install, then select the Magisk file, and then swipe to confirm the installation.
  16. Once Magisk file is flashed, you’ll get Reboot System option, select it to restart the device. Your OnePlus 6 will boot into Android OS, and you will have the root access.

Hurray! finished 🙂

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