Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Firmware N950

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Firmware Download. Samsung released the Android Pie update for the Galaxy Note 8 users. The update comes as software version DSB2, a short form of the full version N950FXXU5DSB2. Pie update is now available as firmware too.

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You can simply download and install the Pie firmware now. Download link for the N950FXXU5DSB2 Pie update firmware is given below, while you can find the guide to install it too on this page. In this post, we have managed to share firmware links for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N9500, N950W, N950, N950F, N950FD, N950N, N950U, N950X variants.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Firmware

Find firmware that exactly meant for your carrier in USA?

Well, the USA Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with model no. SM-N950U for all carriers (SM-N950U1 is an unlocked device), so you have to find the SM-N950U firmware that ends with the code of your carrier. The carrier codes are as follows:

  • AT&T: ATT
  • Sprint: SPR
  • T-Mobile: TMB
  • Verizon Wireless: VZW
  • US Cellular: USC

Other firmware are as per your device’s model no., as usual, so no need to find the required code for models other than SM-N950U (US model).

[su_note note_color=”#ff7e7c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]Note: Do not install SM-N950U1 firmware on SM-N950U device, or vice-versa. [/su_note]

As we all know, there is no seperate firmware files for AT&T Samsung variants. In the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also there is not firmware file for the AT&T variant. But we are sharing a firmware file for AT&T Note 8 variant and you can use this to flash firmware for your Note 8 AT&T.

Download: N950USQU1AQIA – filename: (code: ATT)

ModelDateSoftware version | Android versionFree Download Link
SM-N950016 Jun 2018N9500ZHU2CRD5 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950009 Feb 2018N9500ZHU2BRB1 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950803 May 2018N9508ZMU2CRD5 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950815 Jun 2018N9508ZMU2BRA2 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950F15 Feb 2019N950FXXU5DSB2 | Android 9
SM-N950F08 Jan 2018N950FXXU5CSA3 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950F15 Apr 2018N950FXXU3CRE5 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950F15 Mar 2018N950FXXU3CRC7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950F02 Mar 2018N950FXXU3CRC1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950F08 Feb 2018N950FXXU3BRB5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950F26 Jan 2018N950FXXU3BRA8 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950F24 Apr 2018N950FXXS3CRD8 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950F04 Apr 2018N950FXXS3CRD2 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950N26 Mar 2018N950NKSU3CRC2 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950N13 Feb 2018N950NKSU3BRA1 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U15 Dec 2018N950USQS5CRK1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U20 Apr 2018N950USQU4CRD7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U01 Jun 2018N950USQU3CRC2 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U12 Jan 2018N950USQU3BRA9 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U05 Dec 2018N950USQU3BRA5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U11 Dec 2017N950USQU2BQLA | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U25 Oct 2017N950USQU2BQJA | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U14 Sep 2017N950USQU1AQI9 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U08 Sep 2017N950USQU1AQI5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U07 Aug 2017N950USQU1AQH7 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U03 May 2018N950USQS4CRE1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U06 Feb 2018N950USQS3BRB4 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U05 Feb 2018N950USQS3BRB1 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U20 Jun 2018N950USQS3BRA8 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U07 Dec 2017N950USQS2BQL5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U16 Jun 2017N950USQS2BQK2 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U111 Jan 2019N950U1UEU5CRL2 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U120 Apr 2018N950U1UEU4CRD7 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U105 Mar 2018N950U1UEU3CRC1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U115 Jan 2018N950U1UEU3BRA5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U102 Nov 2017N950U1UEU2BQK1 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U108 Sep 2017N950U1UEU1AQI5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U110 Aug 2017N950U1UEU1AQH9 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950U103 May 2018N950U1UES4CRE1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950U114 Jun 2017N950U1UES2BQL2 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950W16 Jun 2018N950WVLU4CRD5 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950W03 Apr 2018N950WVLU3CRC2 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950W16 Jan 2018N950WVLU3BRA5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950W25 Oct 2017N950WVLU2BQJA | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950W08 Sep 2017N950WVLU1AQI5 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950W07 Aug 2017N950WVLU1AQH7 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950W03 May 2018N950WVLS4CRE1 | Android 8.0.0
SM-N950W05 Feb 2018N950WVLS3BRB1 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950W16 Jun 2017N950WVLS2BQK1 | Android 7.1.1
SM-N950X13 Jun 2017N950XXXU1AQH6_LLK | Android 7.1.1

How to install the firmware on Samsung Phones

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  1. Download and extract/unzip the firmware file
  2. Download and extract Odin v3.13.1 ZIP file
  3. Open Odin v3.13.1 software
  4. Reboot the device in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down)
  5. Connect device and wait for “ID: COM” to turn blue in Odin
  6. Add the downloaded firmware file to AP/DPA
  7. Make sure “Re-Partition” is NOT ticked
  8. Click the “Start” button to begin the installation process
  9. For detailed instructions and troubleshooting, click here


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