How to Transfer data using LAN cable [@100MBps Speed]

Looking a way to Transfer data using LAN cable between PCs or Laptop ?. Indeed, your inquiry at lengthy last closures here. This well-ordered guide helped a vast number of individuals to exchange from little, expansive to enormous records. We require a LAN link to exchange records between PCs. When we associate each conclusion to every pc alter IP setup and it will begin work. I am sure the instructional exercise will work for you too. Thus, we should begin.

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Before beginning, you should realize that sharing or exchanging records from PC to PC by interfacing them together with an Ethernet link is one of the most seasoned approaches to do the thing. Throughout the years, WiFi has developed hugely and as long as your two frameworks are in a similar nearby system, you can just empower sharing on one PC and utilize the other PC to get to those documents. On the off chance that need be, you can even make WiFi hotspots just to exchange records to and forward. For points of interest, look at this 5 programming to exchange information between two PCs utilizing WiFi.


How to Transfer data using LAN cable

Interface the two PCs with a LAN link. You can utilize any LAN link (hybrid link or an Ethernet link); it doesn’t make a difference in the cutting edge PC.


  • LAN Cable
  • Two PCs / Laptops
transfer data using LAN cable

First of all, connect your two PCs or Laptop using each end of the LAN cable

In this tutorial I’m using Windows 10, I hope everybody has been using Windows 10 to perform these steps. If not, don’t worry most of the options are either same or similar in previous Windows.

Step 1 : Network Configuration

Open Control Panel and Select Network and Sharing Center

network settings

Select Connection Properties then select Properties tab from the Pop Window appear.

transfer data using LAN
trasnfer using LAN
LAN cable

Now Double Click on Internet Protocol Version 4

Step 2 : IP Configuration

You need to configure both computer IP address to a different IP address. Network configuration for both computers is given below.

Configuration for your first computer

IP address: 192 . 168 . 1 . 10

Subnet Mask: 255 . 255 . 255 . 0

Click OK
transfer data using LAN cable
Configuration for your second computer

IP address: 192 . 168 . 1 . 20

Subnet Mask: 255 . 255 . 255 . 0

Click OK
transfer data using LAN cable

Step 3: Change Advanced Sharing Settings

Next, you will need to change a few options from ‘Advanced sharing settings’ under Network and sharing settings.

Open Network and sharing settings from Control Panel.

Then, select Change Advanced Sharing Settings from left menu

Under All Networks

  • Turn On public folder sharing
  • Turn off password protected sharing

Save Changes

See, the images below

network settings
windows advanced sharing settings
windows sharing settings

Step 4: Sharing Files to Groups

Permission is an essential factor for sharing and editing files in a server. Windows also need proper permissions to do the same. All you have to do is create a group and share files to that group by giving proper permissions. Scroll more for details.

Right Click on the file or folder you wish to send » Select the option ‘Give access to‘ » Select ‘Specific people

share files from windows

Select ‘Everyone‘ from the new windows appears.

transfer files from windows

Make sure that Read/Write permission is enabled for the user/group

transfer large files from windows

Click on ‘Share‘ button to share the file or folder. Choose to allow if any warning is shown to you.

Step 5: Change to the other Computer

Now, change to the second PC/Laptop

Press Win+R for Run, in the box type the first computer IP address like below:


there you are, now you will be able to see the files or folder you shared from your first PC. Copy them and save to a place where you need them.

Video Tutorial

We found an awesome video tutorial from youtube and is sharing with you.

Hope you also successfull in creating the connection between two computers. If you have any queries or comments regarding anything in this post please comment below.

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